:: Thoughts on a Misty Moon ::

A full moon lit the autumn sky
And shone on the earth below.
The air was cool and still
And breezes wafted slow.
I gazed in wonder at the sight
That filled my night skies,
And suddenly I was surprised
That there were tears in my eyes.

Its beauty is for all to see
On both sides of the world,
Autumn days are here for me ~
For you spring buds are curled.
Wispy clouds are drifting
In ribbons across the moon,
The beauty and the brilliance
Will sadly pass too soon.

A waning moon will fill my sky
And tides will rise and fall.
For me the joy and beauty
Sets a magic over all.
You pull me like the moon pulls on the tide,
My heart and thoughts are yours,
You know where I keep my better side,
My thoughts hidden behind closed doors.

Linda J. Vaughan

April 2007

Music on this page is from Enya - "Shepherd Moons"