A Moment In Time


Life is just a fleeting moment
Filled with many things
The joy and sweetness of childhood
And the laughter that it brings.

The changing of the seasons
When days are rearranged
And suddenly we realise
That everything is changed.

We move on and changes make
To the things we hold so dear,
And suddenly thereís an empty space
Once filled by someone dear.

We move on and try to cope
To live with the empty space,
But Oh the longing in our hearts
Just to see that special face.

We laugh at the things they said
And recall the things they did,
And in our hearts is a regret
For the things we often hid.

Their voices fade for us
And we are left with photographs
But in our hearts there will always be
Tender moments and special laughs.

Iíve learned a lot over time
Lessons sprinkled with tears,
Iíve learned to love and say that I do
And to try to calm some fears.

Be sure not to get too busy
As you travel your daily mile
Live each day in fullness ~
For it is just a moment in time.

© Linda J. Vaughan
August 27th. 2007

On the fourth anniversary of my Fatherís death Ė
He was gone in a moment