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A full moon lit the Autumn sky,
A balmy night was ours.
No wind to stir the gum trees
A velvet sky of stars,

The shadows held me captive
The air was sweet and still.
I lay and watched the movement
And the changes on the hill.

A sleepless night was mine
But I was rich indeed
With Mother Nature’s comfort
To meet my special need.

I heard a distant rustle
Of leaves which soon will fall ~
A tiny creature scurrying,
I heard the owl’s soft call.

With her velvet cloak around me
Her stars for me to wear
The morning dew was mine
Making diamonds in my hair.

I could smell the damp earth
For it had rained that day
The moon was softly waning
And would soon be on its way.

The clouds began to gather
And drift across the moon
Why did this perfect night
Have to end so soon?

© Linda J. Vaughan
May 24th. 2005

Rusty Rust, Artist

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Bruce Deboer
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