"Musings On Motherhood"


A beautiful young woman
With a baby on her knee,
Gently stroking tender skin
This is the picture I see.
She is busy now and happy
With a little one at her feet.
There is a quiet confidence
And a smile for those she meets.
Again she sits her life is full
Another baby now is hers.
She watches very carefully
The toddler on the stairs.
Its night feed and napkins,
Teething, fevers and toys.
Her mother hands are busy
But her heart knows mother joys.
Soon it is school and playtime friends
Sandpits, ball games and such.
There is hardly time to tell them
That she loves them very much.
She stands on the sidelines at the games
And cheers her children on.
Knowing somewhere deep inside
That these days will soon be gone.
Teenage years approach
And now the rules are changed,
Suddenly not needed quite so much
Her life is rearranged.
Learning to drive and going
Wanting to drive the car.
Her life is very different
And she has travelled far.
The years move on with their ups and downs,
With their sadness and their joy.
Suddenly it is changed again ~
No more little girl or boy.
Romance and love affairs,
Broken hearts and broken dreams.
They each find special people
To share their plans and schemes.
They no longer live with her
Or play upon the stairs
But she holds them in her mother heart
And in her mother prayers.
A beautiful older woman
With a baby on her knees
Life has come full circle
I wonder what picture she sees.


© Linda J. Vaughan

May 2004

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