I am with you in the morning
In the birds first song,
I am with you in the sunís first light ~
I am with you all day long.

I am with you as you travel
In the haste of every day,
You will feel my very presence
In the sunís last ray.

I am with you in the sparkle
Of a diamond studded sky,
I hear your every wish,
And I see you cry.

I watch you as you try to sleep,
Then when exhaustion takes control
I am there to shelter you,
To heal your wounded soul.

I am in the winter wind,
The leaves of autumnís chill,
In the daffodils in springtime ~
The blossoms on the hill.

My presence will be with you
In the cool of a summer breeze,
I am watching over you
On days such as these.

I am with you as the ocean
Laps against the shore,
As the Seabirds soar and fly
Then land again once more.

I shall reach out to you
In the words of a much loved song ~
A stirring piece of music,
As you hurry right along.

A fragrance will keep me close,
And you shall feel me near,
I am with you now and always
Because I hold you dear.

© Linda J. Vaughan

August 27 2006

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