Music is My Life
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In times of great sadness
It comforts me - the music of my soul,
In time when I am in distress
It helps me to be whole.

In times of celebration
It holds my family near,
Memories are gathered and stored
And always held so dear.

The wedding songs and lullabys
The sweet little nursery rhymes,
All hold memories and tenderness
Of other,different times.

Christmas songs all tinkling
Songs of a Harvest Moon,
Romantic and sweet love songs,
The pattern changes so soon.

In times of contemplation
It brings me joy - the music of my soul
Reminding me of changing days
As the seasons move and roll.

It stirs my heart and makes me weep
It makes me soar to heights unknown,
Special times and memories
The Music of My Soul.


Linda J. Vaughan

October 2007

The music on this page is

The Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera.

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