Written for Eva Rose

 by her Mother Lorinne

I never knew beauty
Until I held her in my arms
A tiny little flower
Fragile and warm
A rose bud
Opening beneath our loving embrace
I never knew
this kind of love
So gentle and kind
Melting the hearts of all
Until our family
grew by one
I never knew
What joy a tiny child could bring
Making our hearts soar
And our souls want to sing
I never knew
That I could have
A husband and father of my children
Who is so wonderful and giving
One who even though he is tired
Still wants to hold his daughter
And play games with his son
I never knew
That I could have a son
As helpful and caring
One who pushes his sister
And sings to her too!
She is awfully lucky
To have a big brother like you!
I never ever knew
How GOD could make
All of your hopes and dreams
come true
And for this dear LORD
I want to thank you.

October 2007

Lorinne McCain

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