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I have lots of recipes
On Scraps of paper and in books,
Some cut from magazines and such
Others handed on by great cooks.
Some I’ve used many times
And they have become a part
Of all the special family times
I have stored within my heart.

I cherish the recipe books
Which have been passed on to me,
They tell a story of other days
And other children at another knee.
Simple recipes used often
When money was scarce indeed,
Helpful hints to make it so
Another mouth we could feed.

Cakes and chocolate and pies,
Savoury dishes and festive fare.
These bring to mind other days
Of tenderness and care.
Cuttings from a newspaper
Clipped and often used,
A recipe for shoe polish
For leather boots and shoes.

Many other recipes
For healing and for pain,
Old fashioned pictures
Of days that will not come again.
A Christmas pudding recipe,
“Grandma’s Wedding Cake”
Her recipe for Tomato Chutney
And other things she’d make.

It is rather like a journey
Going back in time and days
I remember other women,
Their cooking and their ways.
They shared their recipes
Helpful hints in full measure.
Take a trip back to that kitchen
For memories you will treasure.

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 30th. 2006

The Pages of Avalon.


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