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I have often heard the question asked-
What is love and where is it found?
So many thing to so many people~
Love is something quite proufound.

The cry of a newborn on the morning air,
Holding hands as you go for a walk.
Children laughing warm from their bath,
A teenager who says “Mum can we talk?”

A gentle smile across a crowded room,
A hand that reaches out for yours,
The whisper of the wind at night,
Lapping of water on quiet evening shores.

A fragrant rose with a dewdrop at dawn,
Puddles to splash in and autumn leaves.
White foam on a high tide in winter
An ocean as she thrashes and heaves.

A quiet understanding and gentle support
Of all we believe in deep in our heart.
A man of few words gentle in thought
So much we have seen right from the start.

The morning glow or midnight’s still hour,
Love is a wild rose on a briar tall and free,
Family and friends and peace in my heart
These are the things love means to me.

© Linda J. Vaughan

May 30th. 2006

The Pages of Avalon.


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