All Things Nautical

My memory stirred
And it brought to mind
My times beside the sea ~
All the things I would find.
Shells to be collected,
Seaweed and sand.
Tiny fish and lapping waves,
A bucket and spade in my hand.

A starfish and small crabs
In a small rock pool,
Summer holidays, days in the sun
Time away from School.
Sun on the horizon
A gentle sea breeze,
Shade from the sun,
My memories are these.

A beach ball to play with,
Cricket bat and ball,
Games with my family,
Best days of all.
Walks in the morning
When the day was brand new,
Watching the sunset,
Memories of you.

Walks in the evening,
Cold and damp sand,
Carrying my shoes
You holding my hand.
Moonlight on the water,
A diamond filled sky,
Winter winds blowing,
Sand in my eye,

Light from a lighthouse,
Huge crashing waves,
Sea spray on my face
A changing of days.
Sunlight and moonlight,
Days without end,
Times by the Ocean ~
The Ocean my friend,

Linda J. Vaughan

July 2006

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