Carpe Diem


Seize the day
Grab with both hands
See if you can make it
Fit to your plans.

Organize and arrangements make
Plot and plan and scheme
See if you can make it fit
Into part of your dream.

Having seized the day
I have it arranged,
Then something happens
And it has all been changed.

The world in it's haste
With it's unforgiving ways,
Makes me wonder about seizing
and my busy busy days.

But with time to contemplate
I know what it means.
That I must reach out
And stretch to my dreams.

I will seize the day
And the best of it will make,
Gathering strength for my journey
With each step that I take.

I will tackle the day with enthusiasm,
Grateful I will be in the morning,
When I see the fading velvet night
And welcome each new dawning.

Give me strength to go on
To seize and use each sweet day,
I know that I am specially blessed
As I go on my way.

Linda J. Vaughan

August 2007

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