What if there was no Christmas
Can you imagine how youíd feel?
No family celebrations
No big and heavy meal.

No rushing about to purchase gifts
No lovely cooking smells,
No rustling of paper
Or tinkling of bells.

No trying to balance to budget
And buy the gifts weíve seen,
No Cards to write and get in the mail,
No happy family scene.

I canít imagine a world without Christmas
For each year itís a challenge to me
To take a look at the way I live my life
And a little kinder to be.

As a parent I want to draw closer
To the children that I bore,
And this special Christmas season
Allows me to do that once more.

We live in a world of chaos
With flood and famine and war,
And I am always very pleased
When Christmas comes round once more.

What if there was no Christmas?
For me it would be so sad,
I am grateful for other Christmases
And the special times Iíve had.

What if the true meaning of Christmas
Was gone and there was no love?
I am grateful for the special gift
Sent from Heaven above.

© Linda J. Vaughan
December 2007