Hello my friends,

Well here we are once again,
At this special Festive Season,
So many things have come and gone
Whatever be the reason.

Itís been a very busy year
And the days seem to have flown,
The seasons change much quicker
Than we have ever known.

Here in Australia we have had
Our driest winter ever,
No rain and drying river beds,
Such changes in the weather.

Winter was cold and days were drear
But spring soon came again,
Then summer and days of heat,
And blistering bush fires again.

For some itís been a year of pain,
With long and drug filled days
With visits to hospital
And strange and unclear ways.

Itís been a year of babies for some
And misty tear filled eyes,
Thankyou for sharing your joy
Under southern skies.

Now the year is nearly over
I am proud of the things I see,
Special friends who share
Such special joys with me.

Iíve tried to make a difference,
To ease anotherís pain
I have seen cloudless skies
And I have felt the rain,

Iíve sat in sun and shadow
And struggled at times to go on,
I have felt your love and care
And many battles I have won.

Thankyou for your friendship,
Your laughter and your care,
I am glad you travel my journey
Itís great to know youíre there,

Itís been a year of learning
Lessons hard and real,
But the kindness of your touch
Is something that I feel.

My family are all grown up
And making their own way,
Keeping themselves busy
As they go from day to day.

So from this ďWide Brown LandĒ
Which has itís share of pain,
A nation and itís people
Plead again for rain.

I wish you Merry Christmas
Love and laughter and peace for you
Health and happiness in the New Year,
And satisfaction in all you do.

Love and hugs,


December 10th. 2006

ďChristmas gift suggestions:

To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.Ē

Oren Arnold



 ~The music on this page is the Australian Christmas Carol ~

"The Carol of the Birds"

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Suzanne Marks 2006

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