All I want for Christmas
Is to live in a peaceful world,
To see the children run and play
And freedom's flag unfurled.

I'd like to see a smile appear
Upon a worried face,
To browse through a treasure box
Filled with ribbons and with lace.

I'd like to hear the laughter ring
In homes and and halls of learning,
To bring peace and contentment
To hearts filled with great yearning.

I would like to be a friend to you
As you have been to me,
To share the secrets of our hearts
And good companions be.

All I want for Christmas is safety in our town,
Where women walk without a fear,
Where everyone has work to do
And friendship is always near.

The gifts I'd like for Christmas
Would fit me like a glove,
Laughter, serenity and happiness,
And your very special love.

Linda J. Vaughan
November 2007



Music on this page is "Let there be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin with Me."