You came to me so gently ~
Ran your fingers through my hair.
You held me close and whispered
How very much you care.
Your breath was warm upon me,
I could smell the sweet sweet wine
How very special was my joy
To know that you were mine.

You put your arms around me
And drew me closer still.
Your fingers feather soft upon me,
Weakening my will.
We lay in the velvet darkness
With candlelight subdued,
Soft music filled the room
How romantic was the mood.

My heart was full, my eyes were wet
Such special words you said.
“Let me gather stars for you ~
A garland for your head."
The time was right ~ the mood ~ the place,
Our love at last complete.
There were stars in our eyes
And roses at our feet.

You loved me long and loved me well
And both of us took our pleasure.
A time when the world stood still ~
Joy in fullest measure.
Passion spent we lay together
In love’s sweet afterglow,
Relishing the memories we had made
The sweetest we could know.

My perfume lingered in the room
And on the
This had been a time set apart ~
A very special place.
You held me close and then we slept
As the night grew cold.
These memories will live with us
And warm us when we’re old.

© Linda J. Vaughan

April 2005

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