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I have watched the roses bloom
And smelled the fragrance sweet,
I have enjoyed days and times
With wings upon my feet.
Days of sunshine and brightness,
With music in the air.
A string of pearls around my neck-
And I hardly knew a care.

Iíve seen the seasons come and go
And the roses fade away.
The pearls still remained
And oft brought joy to my day.
Winter time with roses bare
Waiting for spring to arrive
Tiny buds upon the bush
Hope was still alive.

Warmer days with brighter skies
The petals showed their bloom,
Still the pearls held their glow
And chased away my gloom.
Sunshine and shadow, laughter and tears
Are the memories stirred for me.
The Petals and pearls and the one
Who gave these things to me.

© Linda J. Vaughan

October 6th. 2005

Music on this page is

"String of Pearls"  by Glenn Miller


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