I Found A Dream



I found a dream today
All covered with the dust of years,
I noticed how tired it looked
And that it was stained by tears.
I found a dream today
And the fire was still burning low
I felt the passion and excitement
That was there at loves first glow.

I found a dream today
And knew it was one of the best.
But some things are better left alone
And quietly laid to rest.
I touched a dream today
And it somehow stirred my heart,
I felt the warmth and tenderness
That was there at the very start.

I found a dream today
And knew that it could not be ~
Too long and too much has happened
I wish Id been able to see.
So, quietly and in solitude
I left that dream once more,
And with sadness and heartache
I gently closed the door.

Linda J. Vaughan

April 2004