A pink Christmas tree would bring me joy
As do other pretty pink things,
I think so very often of Christmas gifts in pink ~
Pink Champagne and lovely Argyle Diamond rings.

Pink is my favourite colour its true
And I cherish its tints and hues,
I remember the things I had as a child;
Little and soft pink leather shoes.

My Christmas gifts as a child were many
Pink handbag and soft pink teddy bear
A baby doll with a pink knitted dress,
An angora bolero knitted with care.

Mist across the mountains at dawn;
Tendrils of pink fill my sky,
A morning filled with promise
And I wipe a tear from my eye.

The fragrance of a pink rose
Whose name is "Eiffel Tower"
Wet with raindrops on its petals
From an overnight rain shower.

A pink ribbon in October
With a hope and wish for a cure.
Support for those who struggle
Wishing to do so much more.

So as this special season draws near
And you stop and pause to think,
Remember all your blessings
And celebrate Christmas - Misty in Pink.

Linda J. Vaughan
October 28th. 2008

When I count my blessings - I count you twice