It is Christmas time again
And wishes are flowing free;
There are so many things I pray for ~
A future that I can see.

Bears and wishes and bows
And lots of things in pink,
Hopes and wishes for life itself,
Not too much to hope for I think.

I wish for you a family time
When you can gather together;
A time when you can celebrate
A season, a time together.

If I could wrap my gift for you
It would be wrapped in love,
Tied with the ribbons of friendship
Sent from heaven above.

I know that life is tough for you
And at times it's hard to see
That this is a happy, family time,
When wishes should just float free.

We think of the times and the seasons
And Christmas with Dasher and Dancer,
And wonder why it is those we love.
Struggle through their days with cancer.

We claim the strength you need,
And the hope that should fill your heart,
Please know that we are here for you
As we were at the very start.

We storm Heaven's gate with prayers
For a journey that's peaceful and sweet;
We carry you close in heart and thought
And know that once more we will meet.

Merry Christmas my friend and peace be yours,
As you struggle with the burden you bear;
Enjoy the time with your family
And please feel my love and my care.

Linda J. Vaughan
November 2008