There is a quiet corner
Where I can be at peace,
Where I can pour my soul out
And find some sweet release.
I can bare my very soul,
Release my inner being,
Close my eyes and yet see
All that I should be seeing.

I can reach the deep ravines
Of the pain within my heart,
And touch the core of my being
Right from the very start.
Share what I see at sunrise
And a diamond filled night sky,
Bring to you the winter winds
And the leaves as they fly.

Through my words you can see
The white of ocean foam
Feel the anxiety I feel
When children leave their home.
I can somehow bring you comfort
When your heart can find no calm,
Help to reassure that those you love
Will be kept safe from harm.

My words can help you celebrate
A special festive season,
Rejoice at births and weddings
Or any other reason.
See the flowers on the hedgerow
And not the thorns beneath your feet,
Help you to feel encouraged ~
To smile at those you meet.

My quiet Poet’s Corner
Brings comfort to my soul,
Allows me to be myself
Allows me to be whole.
I spend a lot of time here
With peace of heart and mind
It brings great joy to my life ~
The best that I can find.

© Linda J. Vaughan,

August 2006

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