The Fairy Garden is our home
It’s where we feel secure,
And there is lots of beauty here
As I have told you before.
There is a river flowing gently
With willows on its banks,
A pond with water lilies fair
And fairies up to pranks.

Lilacs, lavender and daffodils
And roses blooming here,
Velvet petals falling down
Whenever we pass near.
Trees to shelter us
And leaves to keep us warm,
A special Fairy Godmother,
Who keeps us safe from harm.

The colours of the garden
Are a rainbow tinted list,
And in the early morning
We can view the mist.
The sunbeams and the moonbeams
Bring magic here “tis true,
And there is great excitement
When friends come into view

We have fairy picnics
Where we dance and sing,
And special are the times
When we join in our fairy ring.
Oh yes, The Fairy Garden
Is very real indeed,
Beautiful things grow
From such a tiny seed.

So if you hear a rustling leaf
Or smell a sweet perfume,
You can be sure a Fairy passed by
And chased away the gloom.
To see the Fairy Garden
You must of course “believe”,
And if you do I know that
Special blessings you’ll receive
© Linda J. Vaughan
July 2007