Storm clouds gathered and we could see
The signs of approaching rain,
We held our breath – could this be
The end of the Farmer’s pain?

A few small drops gave the clue
That soon it may be flowing
If this could last it may mean
The crops could soon be growing.

When I woke from a troubled sleep
I could hear the rushing tide,
The splashing of water in puddles,
Brought joy I could not hide.

A deluge for us of soaking rain
And puddles for children to play,
It had been so long since we had rain,
We shall remember this day.

I took my umbrella and went for a walk,
And could almost hear the sigh
Of struggling trees and dusty shrubs,
Showing relief as I passed by.

© Linda J. Vaughan

May 2007

Written after the driest summer
on record here in South Australia


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