What do you see when you look at me
And what is the image I present?
Do I seem cold and indifferent
If I do this was never meant?

Do you see me as lacking emotion,
A cold and detached soul?
When you look very closely
Do you see the whole?

Maybe I have learned
To contain and control my tears,
Maybe it hurts a little less
To learn to mask my fears.

Could it be that the world has hurt me
And battered and bruised my heart,
Do you think that I donít feel pain
When you toss a pointed dart?

Have you taken the time to know me
To know the things that I feel,
The emotions that bring me joy
And make my senses reel?

Do you know that I love the morning
When the sun peeps through the mist?
That I often sit and watch the morning sky
And see the earth sun kissed.

That I like to watch a thunder storm
And hear the raindrops fall,
That I love little children
And my family most of all.

Do you know that I love pink roses,
And daffodils in spring,
That love in the eyes of my daughter
Causes my soul to sing.

Have you any idea of the books I read
Or the music that calms my fears,
Of the worry I have for our world
Which often brings me to tears?

Do you know I believe in Angels
And the comfort their presence brings,
That I like to kick through autumn leaves
And hear the river as she sings.

Do you know I believe in friendship
And the wonderful trust and great care,
Do you know that if you ever needed me
Then I would be right there?

Perhaps before you comment next time ~
You will look and really see,
The things and the emotions that make me
Who I am ~ the real me.

© Linda J. Vaughan

8th. August 2007

The Pages of Avalon

Thankyou Christina for this lovely web set made specifically for this poem