Come take my hand and walk with me
Through the dreams of our time,
Let me see once more the love in your eyes
In the days when first you were mine.

Let me hold those strong hands of yours
And see the dreams you have planned,
Let me hear you say "I love you"
As we walk through a dream filled land.

Let me stand back in the distance
And see those hands hold our child,
Let me feel your love envelope me
In the days when the winds are wild.

I want to see the pride in your eyes
As you watch them graduate,
I stand and I feel the love for you
As you discuss, cajole and debate.

You have been a friend, a lover a Dad,
And joy you have brought my way,
Love and romance fill my heart
With thoughts of you each day.

It's the little things that fill my heart
With love and joy and romance,
The special, tender and intimate things
That cause my heart to dance.

© Linda J Vaughan




Music on this page is Richard Clayderman  - Romantic Piano