Ask me to treasure the worth of your love

It will only be a whisper upon the wings of a dove



Sometimes the days are gloomy
And at times the road seems rough,
These are the days you tell yourself,
Sometimes memories just arenít enough.

The storm clouds gather as you recall
The days as they were before it changed,
The long sunny days and clear blue skies
And the way you felt when it was rearranged.

That sense of loss and helplessness
When there was nothing you could do,
To ease the pain for everyone ~
To ease the pain for you.

The days moved on and you somehow survived
You learned to live and you held on tight,
You watched them grow and make their lives,
Hoping and praying it would all be right.

You held to your memories and they got you through,
As you wondered what each day would hold,
The sun shone again in spite of the rain,
And you came in from the cold.

There is laughter again in your heart and your home,
And special treasures bring special tears,
Memories remain and you often recall
The passing of the years.

Life is good and there is joy,
But days can also be tough
And looking back it is easy to think ~
Sometimes memories just arenít enough.

© Linda J. Vaughan

January 2007








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