Friendshipís Treasured Rose

Looking back across the years
And seeing how things have been,
I look at treasured friendships
And know how much they mean.
A friendly call, a reaching out
A cheery kindly word,
Loving me the way I am ~
I am glad you really cared.

Sharing tears and laughter,
Pain and trouble too,
I value all the little things
That you so often do.
You share my celebrations
When days are kind and fair,
And when the storm clouds gather,
Itís then I see you there.

The roses of your friendship
Bring perfume to my days
I thankyou for your kindness
And your lovely winning ways.
Your friendship is a treasure
And has been from the start,
You will always hold a special place
In the corners of my heart.

© Linda J. Vaughan

March 2007