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I have woken early
From another restless night,
I have tossed and turned
And had another pillow fight.

I bless the velvet darkness
And the warmth within my bed,
My heart is very troubled
Thoughts run through my head.

I feel emptiness within
Numbness I cannot hide ~
For my seafaring Father
Has sailed upon the tide.

He loved the ocean and her moods
The deep full rolling swell ~
Many were the anecdotes
And stories he would tell.

He had travelled far and wide
The ports and harbours he knew,
The sea was indeed his mistress
And he loved her with passion true.

There are many things I remember
Of times we spent by the sea
And many the nautical memories
And phrases he has left with me.

He quietly left us yesterday
To gently go sailing once more.
Without a fuss he slipped anchor
And sailed for that distant shore.

I wish him fair winds and full sails,
And a harbour full and deep
Salt sea spray upon his face ~
Mine are the memories to keep.

Linda J. Vaughan

28th. August 2003

For my Father

Thomas Edward Thomas

2nd. August 1925 27th. August 2003

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