“Whispering world a sigh of sighs ~
The ebb and flow of the ocean tides.”

I have always lived close to the sea
And felt the pull of the tide.
I have always looked and seen
The moods Mother Nature can’t hide.

I have seen her in turmoil, waves tossed and blown
As she vented her anger keen.
I have heard the soft lapping at breaking of day~
These are the sights I have seen.

I have felt the pull of the tides and the moon
And the things that mean most to me.
I have seen the times when her heart was calm
And this was a good place to be.

I have felt salt sea breezes and wind in my hair
And have loved it all night and day.
But the thing that brings most joy to me
Is the way that she plays with me.

She tempts my moods and my sense of soul
And plays with me at will,
And at end of day she is Mistress of mine
And wishes me no ill.

I walk at the edge of the water in sand
And give in to the love I have found
For the sea and the sand and the rock pools~
The ebb and flow of the ocean tide.

© Linda J. Vaughan

November 7 2001

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