This is the place where dreams are made
In the hearts of girls and boys,
Where wishes are made for special things
And for very special toys.
It is a busy place its true
And laughter is often heard,
Where cookies are baked
And of course they are shared.

This is a place of magic times
Where children's thoughts can run free,
Where memories are stored in the hearts
Of adults like you and me.
A place where magic is abroad
And stars twinkle in bright eyes
Where behind every door is always
A very special surprise.

Its warm and cosy inside here
And windows show welcoming lights,
Thoughts drift back to other times
And other Christmas nights.
Times of friends and family
And those we hold so dear,
Enjoy your visit to Santa's Toy Shoppe
And please come back next year.

Linda J. Vaughan
October 2008