Colours of Morning

Let me paint a picture for you ~
See it through my eyes
Let me show you all the colours
In these Artist Palette skies.

Stand with me and just look
At the clouds as they drift by
This is a very stormy morning
And a very stormy sky.

Imagine every shade of red,
Of orange, blue and pink
Fluffy cotton wool clouds
Some looking stained with ink.

See the trees tossing wildly
And the birds upon the wing
Feel the wind upon your face
See every little thing.

Leaves blowing in the garden
And daffodils standing erect
This is the type of morning
That in spring we should expect

But Mother Nature is so fickle
She teases us and plays
She brings us lighter mornings
And a lengthening of our days.

See the foam upon the water
As it washes on the shore,
See the heaving of the tides
That go on for evermore.

She lets us feel the warmer days~
Feel an easing of our pain
And then she stops and looks
And soon itís cold again.

I love these stormy mornings
When as the world revolves
We look and see how we fit
Into the pattern that evolves.

So on this stormy morning
I hope you see the picture true
And know that I have tried
To paint it just for you.

© Linda J. Vaughan

September 2002

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