The weather cold and wet
And I was tired and yawning,
I watched a waning moon
Between midnight and the morning.
As I lay snugly warm and safe
I watched the trees astir.
I heard the water gurgling down ~
Chill was in the air.

I heard a passing car
And saw its headlights bright,
Someone finally going home
On this cold, wet winter night.
A barking dog, a street light’s glow
Another hour passed by.
Should I get up and read
Or give sleep another try?

I stayed in bed and must have slept,
For suddenly without warning
A watery sun was peeping through
A pink and grey soft dawning.
The leaves were wet, the wind was gone,
The earth all damp and cold.
A night of a waning moon
Left memories for me to hold.

© Linda J. Vaughan

August 8th. 2004






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"Moonlight Serenade"

which is a piece of the Big Band music I grew up with.