All he owned he stood in
His face was grey and drawn,
He had no smile to give me
On a foggy winter morn.
His hands were cold and rough
No warmth within his heart
What had brought him to this,
So different from the start.

Steel grey and clouded eyes
Misted with great sadness
Where Oh where for him
His days of joy and gladness?
We talked and I offered help
He seemed to respond to me.
By the time he left there was hope
And a voice filled with dignity.

He left the building
With just the hint of a smile,
Voiced his thanks and gratitude
And walked on his weary mile.
Very soon he returned
And gave to me a gift,
A winter rosebud in my hand
And it made my spirit lift.

The fragrance of this winter rose
Touched my heart indeed.
I was grateful to have been part
Of meeting him at his need.
He gave to me a simple gift
Picked from a garden nearby
It was perfumed with his gratitude
And I wiped a tear from my eye.

This was his way of saying thankyou
When he had nothing to give,
I hope the things I said to him
Encouraged him to live.
I tried to restore his dignity,
His passion and sense of self esteem,
I hope that I had encouraged him
To go on and also to dream.

Linda J. Vaughan

July 2007

The Pages of Avalon

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