My childhood Christmas memories are lovely ~
memory is kind.

What do I remember of Christmas
And all the years that have flown?
I remember things in my stocking,
I remember a puppy to own.
A box of paints and a paintbrush ~
A magic colouring book
I can still see the wrappings and ribbon
If in my memory I look.

I remember a doll and her clothes
All hand knitted with pride.
There is also a red chain driven tricycle
And roller skates for me to ride.
A new riding hat velvet covered
In a deep and regal blue.
New riding boots for me to wear ~
I remember the leather so new.

These are the things I remember
And there are people who feature well
In my picture book of memories
And lots of stories I could tell.
I remember the market place visits ~
Just my Father and me.
I remember the goose and the turkey
And dragging a big Christmas tree.

I remember the pelting of snowballs
Both of us getting wet.
When we made a snowman he would say
“This is the best one yet.”
I remember a pair of fur mittens
With leather palm and thumb ~
We put them on the Snowman
Something we shouldn’t have done.

I remember his booming laughter
As he was a child once again,
] I remember a small toboggan
I remember walking in the rain.
I remember the box of chocolates
And the people he’d take me to see
His Mother and his Grandmother
I remember the love they had for me.

He would push my doll’s pram or my trike,
Make me smile and wave.
I remember the “little talks”
And how that I “should behave”.
So amid my childhood memories
Of tinsel and toys and things
There is a special memory of my Father
And oh what joy it brings!

© Linda J. Vaughan

18th. December 2004