She sits on this seat at the ocean
Something she's done before,
Today she sits in winter chill
And opens memory's door.

Her memory goes back over time
And travels the path of the years
She sees him sit beside her
Handsome and easing her fears.

She sees them sit together
Arms linked and hand in hand,
Knowing that whatever comes
Together they will stand.

She hears the squeals of laughter
From the children as they play,
From this seat she watched them
Through many a summer day.

The picnic basket beside her
And coffee steaming in his hand,
A place of very special memories
Somewhere really grand.

She hears the lapping of the ocean
Grandchildren walking with him,
Although his steps are faltering
And his eyes are growing dim.

She hears his booming laughter
Float upon an ocean breeze,
A special place to recall
Memories such as these.

Sitting in the winter chill
On this special memory seat,
She's sad that he has gone before her,
But knows one day they'll meet.

Alone she must go on each day,
Remembering the roses and wine
In her mind she's a girl once more
And everything is fine.

Wrapped in a warm coat for comfort
And a hat to keep her warm,
Let's leave her to her memories
To keep her safe from harm.

Linda J. Vaughan
April 7th. 2008