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I took a trip in memory today
And travelled down the years
There was laughter to behold,
And eyes to wipe from tears.

In memory I strayed over time,
Stood and opened my heartís door,
I gazed and I recalled
The way things were before.

It made me stop and look at life
And the things that bring me pleasure,
The days when emotion was high
And I made memories to treasure.

I walked in fields of daffodils,
Felt the sea wind on my face,
Kicked through autumn leaves
And saw spider webs of lace.

I once more held a baby
And smelled the fragrance sweet,
There were diamonds in my sky
And flowers at my feet.

I sat and talked in friendship
Quiet confidence and trust,
I watched the river on itís bar
Saw fire, flood and dust.

I let a year pass before me
Saw the seasons come and go,
Saw the best of sentimental treasures
That my heart will ever know.

No jewels here of earthly value~
No fortune to be spent,
Just the best of my hearts treasures
That Heaven ever sent.

© Linda J. Vaughan,

June 11th. 2006

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