How I love that time at end of day
When night spreads out her wings;
When I can sit and contemplate
A day of many things.

At this special season
When there seems so much to do
I gather in thought those I love,
And I often think of you.

The days are often busy
But excitement is in the air,
I wish for you a silent night
And I send my special care.

There are so many things I wish
For you and your family,
Days in the sun and laughter
Peace and liberty.

My gifts for you on a silent night
Are the comfort of a friend,
Someone to share time with
When the day comes to an end.

I wish you rest and work to do
And love in fullest measure,
Those special things your children say
That you can store and treasure.

The gift of a summer sunrise ~
A gentle cooling breeze;
A meal with friends and family
May you enjoy all these.

A book to read by a cosy fire,
A warm and comfortable bed,
A soft and downy pillow
Where you can lay your head.

Enjoy the magic of a silent night
And in the silence ease your fears,
I wish you a Merry Christmas
And the happiest of years.

Linda J. Vaughan
November 2008


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