"The Sisters Garden"

What does it mean to each of us
This Garden where friends meet?
What do we hope to achieve here
Among the girls we meet?
What should be our qualities,
Of love, support and such?
How different our days can be
With friendship’s tender touch!
The things that touch my heart
Are those when others care ~
Who say to me when days are rough ~
Remember I am there.
We come from many places
Across a trouble world
How much we all would like to see
Freedom’s flag unfurled.
Loving, caring kind and true,
These are things we should be.
Accepting without judging
These sisters we cannot see.
It must not matter what our creed,
Nor the colour of our skin
What matters most of all
Is the love which lives within.
Times of fear when weather storms
Or fires rage near our door,
There is always a sister ready to say
When you can – please tell us more.
Let us know that you are safe,
That your children are now asleep
We can be caring “Angels”
And another watch will keep.
We share laughter and tears,
Hopes and delights,
Photographs and achievements
Weddings and sad, sad nights.
Our religious differences put aside
We should be able to see
That heart to heart and in our thoughts
We truly can be free.
Acceptance, tolerance and understanding,
Kindness and love are all part
Of the care and the tenderness which lives
In a WOSIB woman’s heart.

© Linda J. Vaughan
Sunday 9th. April 2006

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Copyright © Dana Lea Moore,
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