My friend you seem to shelter me
And keep me safe from harm.
Your care is like a resting place
A place of peace and calm.

You offer so much to me
And help me to go on.
You open up your heart
And celebrate each battle won.

Your smile is like a gentle breeze,
Your laughter like the sun.
Kindly words to cheer me,
A message when day is done.

We seem to share so many things
I knew right from the start,
That this would be a friendship
Shared from heart to heart.

And so I want to thank you~
Offer my gratitude indeed.
For all the things you have done
To meet my every need.

Please know that in my treasure box
Is a place just set apart
And that for me you will always have
A special place within my heart.

©Linda J.Vaughan

8th.December 2001

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