Dearest Ella Jaine

I am sitting here at my desk
On a quiet Sunday morn,
Messages on my telephone
Tell me you are about to be born.

Welcome little cherub
To this world of toil and strife ~
I wish you love and laughter
And a happy family life.

I wish you moonbeams and stardust
And gardens filled with flowers
I wish you loving parents
And happy sun filled hours.

I wish you imagination
And the ability to dream
. I wish you a sense of wonder
As you stand beside a stream.

I wish you butterfly wings
And beautiful birds
Songs of sweetest music
And tender, gentle words.

I wish you diamond dew drops
And the perfume of a rose
Daisies in an open field ~
May you remember those.

I wish you sunrises and rainbows
And friends along the way.
I wish you bedtime stories ~
A cosy bed at end of day.

Gentle hands to hold you ~
Your Mother to wipe your tears
A Daddy who will love you
And chase away your fears.

A family who will cherish you
And thank the heavens above
That you came to live with them
Bringing so much love.

Welcome Baby Ella Jaine
Congratulations Eric and Sarah.
April 23rd. 2006

Linda J. Vaughan

Congratulations on the birth of Ella Jaine Buchanan

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For my sweet Friend Suzanne

Your eyes are filled with tears
And your heart is filled with love,
As you look back down the years
And thank the heavens above.

For the love of friend and family
And the privilege indeed,
To watch your children grow
To meet their every need.

Celebrate this special child
Whose birth has brought again
Comfort to your inner soul
Like sunshine after rain.

Watch her grow and love her
Guide her steps and ways,
Enjoy the sunshine and warmth
She will bring to your hours and days.

Linda J. Vaughan
23rd. April 2006

Congratulations Grandma
Love and hugs,


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