I have thought of you so often
As I journeyed through my day,
I have wondered just how you are
And what you need to say.

I know the load you carry
Is sometimes hard to bear,
But always please remember
I am here and I care.

Your family is very dear to you
And it is very plain
To sense the heartache you feel
When they are feeling pain.

Life for them can be a struggle
But they know on whom to depend,
You travel the thorny path with them
When they can't see round the bend.

Please remember to take care of yourself
As you struggle and endure,
They need your loving tender care
They could not ask for more.

Take time to smell the flowers
And also some time for you.
Get some rest when you can ~
And let others care for you.

You crossed my mind today
And I wondered how you are,
You are very special to me
Whether near or far.

I send you love on angel wings
And strength to fill your days,
I admire you for your courage
And caring gentle ways.

Linda J. Vaughan
29th. August 2008


Written for a special friend