also known as "Bob"

Robert was transmission engineer, WCBS-TV Confirmed dead,

World Trade Center,at/in building.

Robert was a son and brother and was cherished by his friends as a caring
supportive man and a true friend.

Robert died on September 11 2001

I Never Knew You

Although I never knew you
For I live far away,
Thoughts of how you perished
Often come my way.

I think about your Parents
And the pain that they go through,
Your siblings and your family
And how much they must miss you.

The world was changed forever
And we were shaken to the core,
Life is very different
Than it ever was before.

You were one of very many
Who died that September day,
The sadness and the anguish
Will never go away.

So I pay tribute to you Robert
From my side of the world
I pray that soon we all will see
Freedom's peaceful flag unfurled.

Linda J. Vaughan,

Adelaide, South Australia

Fifth Anniversary - September 2006

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