There is a song in my heart
When I think of my life,
The things I have done and been ~
Daughter, Mother and wife.

The song often changes
Depending on things
But no matter the music
I know my heart sings.

As a child I would sing
Nonsense nursery rhymes,
The memories are strong
Of sweet childhood times.

Folk songs and protest songs
All have been there,
Stirring strong marches
Expressing my care.

Love songs filled with romance,
About candles, roses and wine.
Gratitude in my heart
That these have been mine.

Rocking a cradle, holding my child
Singing a sweet lullaby.
Remembering those days
Brings a tear to my eye.

Songs in my heart
Enjoyed again and again,
Songs about seasons
Christmas and rain.

There's a song in my heart
When I think of my life,
The music has calmed me
On days when there's been strife.

There is a song in my heart
And when put to the test,
I know that in my life,
I have been really blessed.

Linda J. Vaughan
20th. September 2008

Music on this page is "Because of You, there's a Song in my Heart."

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