The weeks are moving quickly
And I notice the smallest things,
The tiny fluctuations
Which change of season brings.

I notice that itís earlier
When morning comes my way,
That the days are slightly longer
And fresh things now come my way.

The blossoms gentle petals
Now blowing all about
On gusty cool spring breezes
That seem to howl and shout.
The sun seems to be brighter

And the sky a lighter shade of blue,
I hear the bird's early singing
And feel the morning dew.

I see the buds all swollen
Ready for bursting through,
The springtime bulbs now peeping ~
Hyacinths of purple blue.

The fragrance of the jonquils
Brings perfume to the air,
I love the springtime garden
When the daffodils are there.

The springtime soon will be over
And then comes the summer's hot days
I shall be looking forward to autumn
And her colourful sweet ways.


Linda J. Vaughan

August 2007







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