Blossoms of Springtime

The earth is now waking
From a long winter sleep,
Making special memories
Which will be mine to keep.

Tiny white snowdrops
Struggling for birth,
Pushing their green leaves
Through damp dark earth.

Out in the garden
In open clear ground,
Tiny fragrant violets
Now can be found.

The Jonquils sweet perfume
Often transports me
To where I was born,
Over the sea.

The spring flower I love,
Which gives me a thrill,
Is strong and is vibrant ~
The golden daffodil.

Straight stems and bright blossoms
They called me from the start,
These glorious flowers
Have a place in my heart.

In the language of flowers
The daffodil means "respect" that is new
And "the sun is always shining
When I am with you."

Springtime flowers ~ you make my heart sing
And it is always a thrill
To wake up one morning
And find the first daffodil.


Linda J. Vaughan

October 2008

The music on this page is Vivaldi's "Spring"

28 September 2008
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