A long, dark winter is ending
And spring is in the air,
Tiny buds and sweet blossoms
Springtime fragrance everywhere.

Winter has been long and dark
And yet hiding in the dark earth,
Are Mother Nature's beauties
Waiting for her to give them birth.

Once again we see the green grass
Feel the springtime showers too,
Gone are the winter dark clouds,
Above a sky of blue.

Daffodils and lilac, snowdrops
And roses on the briar,
We hear again the sweet birds song
As they soar, and swoop and fly higher.

Welcome again Sweet Springtime
You bring pleasure we cannot hide,
You are part of the rolling of seasons,
And the turning of the tide.

Linda J. Vaughan

The Pages of Avalon




Written especially for Lavender Graphics

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Music on this page is Spring by Vivaldi