Hang up your Christmas stocking
And let me fill it with gifts for you,
Let me give you the gifts of Christmas
To last you the whole year through.

I will put in your stocking some tolerance
Enough for you to share,
With those who need your kindness,
And hope that they feel your care.

If you look very closely you will find
The gift of a tender smile
That you can share with others
As you sit and talk a while.

Take a peep and unwrap another gift
That comes straight from the heart,
Friendship is a gift I offer you
As it was from the very start.

You will find the gift of care
Tied with ribbons of love,
A special kindness and sharing,
Sent from Heaven above.

I would be your Christmas Angel
And deliver these gifts to you,
Knowing that you will share them
As you so often do.

So as you unwrap the gifts I have left
Remember the affection they bring,
Remember to be kind to each other
And I hope your heart can sing.

Linda J. Vaughan
December 2008