A silver bead curtain of raindrops
Falling from a pewter grey sky.
Itís winter and July and sadness ~
I wipe the tears from my eye.
So many things have happened
So many things unforseen,
I look back across the years
And memory is keen.

I remember the struggle and effort,
I recall the anger and tears.
I see again the panic stricken face ~
Clearly I remember the fears.
An angel came in kindness
And whisked this troubled soul away.
Peace at last was Heavenís gift
No more facing an uncertain day.

Those who bade you farewell
And wished you a journey calm
Were troubled by the sudden parting
But knew you were safe from harm.
A gaping hole in their lives
Uncertain of the path that was new
They struggled on in the winter
And often thought of you.

Winter turned to summer
We passed another year.
Four years now since you left
But memory is still clear.
No more is your boat storm tossed
And your life all out of control.
I think of you so often
As I watch the ocean roll.

© Linda J. Vaughan

July 2006

The Pages of Avalon.