Come back in childhood with me
Let us linger for a while.
Let's take a treasured journey
And share a childhood smile.
Let’s recall the special magic,
The anticipation and the fun,
The times we should have been in bed
When our days were done.

The dreams we had at Christmas time,
The gifts we hoped to receive.
That very special family times
When we really did believe.
Remember hearing the reindeer noises
As they clattered about in haste,
Leaving carrots out for Rudolph
How they had not a moment to waste.

Remember the cookies for Santa,
The milk and the note left there,
A small child’s very best writing,
Telling Santa to please take care.
The rustle of paper and ribbons,
Was it just in our dreams,
The lovely smells from the kitchen,
The hopes, the plans and the schemes.

Do you recall the gift you wanted,
The things you asked Santa to bring,
Was it a toy train, a doll or a kitten,
I recall most everything.
Try to recall the things in your stocking,
Hear again the squeals of delight,
Remember how excited you were
And how long seemed the night.

Never lose the magic of Christmas
Let Sugar Plums dance in your head.
No matter what age you are – try to remember
As you slip into your bed.
The tinsel, the tree and the stockings,
The tinkling bells and family love.
No matter how tired and weary you are,
Remember the gifts from above.

"The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;"

From "T'was the Night before Christmas".

© Linda J. Vaughan

October 2006


My sincere gratitude to Suzanne
Forsaken Harbour Designs

for this delightful webset, which captures perfectly
the magic of Christmas.

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