I see you now in summer meadows-
Watch the sun play on your hair,
I see you picking daisies
And threading them with care.
The gentle breeze blows your way
And butterflies are winging,
I hear your gentle laughter-
I hear you softly singing.

I see you by the river banks
Watching as it flows
I see you walking at the edges
And splashing with your toes.
You gather fruit from laden trees
You have no sense of time,
All summer days seem endless
And every day is fine.

I see you in a summer storm
At the end of a very hot day.
I see you in the rising moon
And the clouds that drift my way.
Your presence is always with me
Not only in summerís hours,
I remember you in winter
On the days without the flowers.

I remember you in autumn,
In the red and golden leaves.
I remember you by the ocean
As it gently rolls and heaves.
I see you in the snowdrops
And the daffodils in spring,
I see you in the rainbow
And the birds upon the wing.

I see you in the dewdrops
On the roses that you grew.
I hear the echo of your voice
On the days I talked with you.
I think of you so often ~
And memory grows and grows
I walk the hills again with you
And I see you in summer meadows.

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 24th. 2006

The Pages of Avalon.