For Those Who Suffered In the Tsunami

My heart is very heavy
At the end of this year,
I feel immense sadness
And a sprinkling of fear.
Tears have flowed freely
And anger has been my friend
So much destruction and pain
Will it ever end?

My heart goes out to you
As you struggle to survive.
Death, destruction and disease
Are you still alive?
Your children ripped from your arms
Your hearts broken in two.
I wish that I could ease your pain
That there was something I could do.

I hold you close in my heart
And when I see you crying
It’s then I truly realise
That there are things worse than dying.
To not know what happened
To those you loved and lost
It is a dreadful situation
At such very great cost.

I want to reach out and help you
To hold you close and ease your pain
But you are numb and feeling very lost
That is very plain.
Other nations are reaching out
With help so badly needed
Your cries have been heard
Your pleas have been heeded.

There is talk of being there
“For the long long haul”
I feel so insignificant
So very very small.
I want to help you rebuild
To restore and start again,
I wonder if you are strong enough
For all of this terrible pain.

I want to clean your wounds
Bring water for you to drink.
The agony you feel right now
I can’t begin to think.
I want to bring you shelter
And a calm refreshing sleep.
I want you to feel my care
And that it is very deep.

I want to hold your children
To rock them off to sleep,
I want to stand and comfort you
I want you to see me weep.
I somehow want to ease your hurt.
The pain and anguish you feel.
I want to you to know I feel it too
That it is very real.

How can I celebrate this New Year
My heart is very sore?
As I look ahead for us
As I stand at New Year’s door?
Aid is on its way to you
And I hope it reaches there
To bring relief to you
So that you know we care.

I cannot wish for you
“A Happy New Year”
But I can hope that time will bring
An easing of your fear.
I can promise to carry you
On the wings of prayer,
I can offer love and support
Born of a very great care.

© Linda J. Vaughan

December 31st. 2004

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